The Most Common Customs Clearance Issues

Custom Clearance

International trade and commerce is directed by several controls & regulations that need to be met in order to ensure legitimate movement of goods without any kind of complexities. Known collectively as customs, these regulations are in place for good, but failing to adhere to them can result in unnecessary delays, which in turn can hike up expenses due to the necessity for handling storage costs, penalties and late fines.

Importers often have to deal with a number of customs clearance issues, which have been explained in the undermentioned points:

Physical Damage :-

Inappropriate handling and loading/unloading of cargo can inflict minor to major physical damages to the container or goods. Most of the times, it is due to bad labourers that physical damage occurs. But it can take a serious toll in the form of various issues when clearing customs. That is why, claims for these kind of detriments should be made immediately after their discovery.

Demurrage :-

Demurrage refers to the penalty fees charged when containers are held longer than the time period which was agreed upon. It is in place primarily for preventing and discouraging utilisation of carrier equipment to meet storage requisites, and also to compensate for unsanctioned usage of rented equipment. Delayed customs clearance can trigger a demurrage.

Not Fulfilling Customs Requirements Properly :-

When an importer fails to meet the requisites of customs suitably, it increases the risks pertinent to refused entry or even rejection of cargo. Some regions also have their own unique customs demands that have to be fulfilled in order to prevent goods from being withheld. If all vital documentation and requisites are not complied with, one may have to pay an expensive penalty. The best way to steer clear of this problem is by opting for reliable & efficient customs clearance services.

Missing Or Improper Documents :-

In the shipping industry, bills of lading are critical documents, which, if missing, can have an adverse impact on the release of freight. Moreover, it can trigger additional expenses such as demurrage because of delay. Possessing the right bills of lading is extremely vital, or else it can take a substantial amount of time to have the bank, consignee or shipper provide an indemnity letter.

Keeping contingency plans prepared in advance can help to avoid most of these custom clearance problems. Also, partnering with a good freight forwarding company can be of great help.


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